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    Kennadi Lane Fashion Blog

    Spring into Spring with Colorful Accessories!

    Spring into Spring with Colorful Accessories!

    Adding the right spring accessories to your wardrobe can transition any outfit into Spring. In many areas Spring tends to be a very unforgiving season , where snowflakes still fall and the temperature is just as unreliable as the weather. In this case, you may not be able to pull out those flip flops or open toed sandals just yet. However, here are some clever options to fight off those winter blues.

    Colored Accessories

    When you want to add elements of spring to a wardrobe, start by adding color. Many people do not even realize how few items of color they have in their wardrobe. Most people are so comfortable wearing darker colors they fear adding color. Simply because it is out of their comfort zone. A turquoise beaded necklace is a perfect way to use Spring colors to accessories an outfit. If you fully embrace color, be careful not to over accessorize with too much. Wearing one color from head to toe may not may not look flattering.

    turquoise necklace

    Scarves For Spring

    A scarf is a fantastic way to accessorize an outfit. You want to use a scarf that is composed of a light material. This is for two reason. One, you want to make sure the scarf is made out of a fabric you can wear all day. Second, lighter scarves are a Spring staple in the world of accessories. This scarf can be worn several different ways . You can tie it around the neck or allow it to drape over the shoulders . What makes a scarf really pop are the ravishing designs and prints they can be purchased in.

    Spring Scarves

    Spring Your Shoes For Spring Weather

    Warmer Spring weather is the perfect time to pull out those peep toed shoes and sandals. Gladiator sandals accessorize well with a skinny jean or a skirt. This type of sandal also looks classic and chic with simple black slacks as work attire. Just make sure you allowed to wear opened toed shoes to work. Spring is a splendid time to add color to any outfit by wearing a bold color shoe. A simple pair of heels in anything from pink to baby blue will make an outfit pop . Shoes are your best friend when you want to accessorize just the right outfit. Especially during the Spring season. You have so many different option that you can easily transition your wardrobe starting with shoes.

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    Summer to Fall....How to Transition!

    Summer to Fall....How to Transition!

    Every year there is that fickle time period when school has just started and life is getting "back to normal". People begin to think of their fall activities and unpack their fall wardrobes. However, oftentimes the weather just doesn't quite line up with our intentions and remains capricious for a few months. During this transition period it can be difficult to know how to dress for warm outdoors, cold, air conditioned buildings, and cooler mornings and evenings. Here are some ideas to help you transfer your summer wardrobe into the fall season while staying comfortable.

    Even with scorching temperatures haunting our every step this summer, there are tons of summertime treats we don't want to part with yet: Days by the pool, warm nights spent with our favorite friends and a perfect excuse to eat ice cream every day.

    One thing you don't have to give up when fall comes around? Your cute summer fashion! That's right-with the proper styling, you can seamlessly transition some of your favorite summer pieces right into your fall wardrobe.

    So to help you out, here's a guide to deciding what works in the fall, what you should hibernate until next summer and how to style your summer pieces for fall!

    Nothing keeps you cooler in the intense summer heat than showing off some leg! But when temperatures start to drop, you've got to cover those babies up to stay warm.

    Fortunately, that doesn't mean you have to stow away summer staples like dresses and skirts until summer rolls around next year. All you need to do is add some tights to your look, and you're all set.

    Though tights used to be pretty boring, a whole array of new patterns and fabrics have made them a fall and winter must-have. Experiment with sheer, opaque, colored, lace or even animal print tights or leggings to add an instant touch of glam to your look, all while making your summer pieces work for fall.


    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Have a favorite tank, sleeveless blouse or short-sleeved dress that you love to rock in the summer? All it takes to make these pieces perfect for fall is to layer warmer pieces over them.

    Try adding a cute cardigan and jeans with your top, a sweet scarf to your blouse, or a pretty sweater to your dress, and you'll have no trouble staying cozy on those cool fall evenings.


    stripped cardigan

    And if you still want to wear a dress or skirt sans-tights, layering is a great way to add enough warmth to keep you comfortable.

    Also, add in a pair of boots to cover up a bit. Lace-ups and boots with buckles are totally hot right now.

    Keep in mind that fabric is important when deciding what you can take from summer to fall.

    The best transition fabric is cotton, but leather and light knits work, too.

    And for those of you who live in a climate that doesn't change too much from season to season, use colors to transition your wardrobe.

    Pair bright summer colors like coral, turquoise and even white with the more rustic colors of fall - think deep red, hunter green and plum - or wear them on their own.

    Having several basic summer pieces can be a huge advantage when transitioning into fall as well. For example, "Have a sheer shirt that's meant for summer? Pop a tank underneath it." That flirty summer sundress you love? Leggings and boots can keep you warm and stylish. If you have a summer item that you just aren't ready to stop wearing once the weather turns cold; don't! Try to think of new ways to layer it with colder-weather clothing to get more out of your wardrobe and make fall one of your best fashion statement seasons of the year!

    Here's to a stylish Fall!



    Kennadi Lane

    Summer Accessories are More than just Accessories!

    Summer Accessories are More than just Accessories!

    With warmer weather here, and we no longer have to worry about shielding ourselves from bitter winter winds, fashion moves to the forefront of our minds. Every summer, no matter what the current fashion trends are, everyone wants to look their best for the vacations, picnics, cook-outs and festivals associated with the warmer months of the year. Luckily, unlike most fleeting clothing trends, jewelry never goes out of style. Sure, certain types and designs of jewelry will sell particularly well during a given year, but a piece of jewelry bought this summer is likely to be just as fashionable in the years to come. In short, an item of summer jewelry can last a lifetime!

    During the summer, most people prefer to wear loose-fitting, breezy clothing that helps them stay cool. With jewelry, the same general rule applies. Tight-fitting, heavy jewelry in hot weather can feel restrictive, clammy, and uncomfortable. To reduce this effect, many people like to wear light and loose items. Gold and silver, although always great for evenings and special occasions, are exactly the type of heavy jewelry that most people don't want to wear when the weather is very hot. So, when shopping for a piece of summer jewelry for yourself or someone else, consider an item of beaded jewelry.

    The beads used to make summer jewelry are usually composed of lighter materials such as quartz, jade, amber, mother of pearl, coral, and glass. In keeping with the bright and sunny atmosphere of summer, beaded necklaces can be found in a wide variety of bright colors and shades reminiscent of relaxed and breezy days at the beach. Indeed, lightweight beaded necklaces are perfect to wear when lounging in the sand or to swim in the waves. Plus, for a little extra flair, one can find beaded necklaces with a variety of summer pendants, which are designed look even more beautiful under the clear, blue sky.

    Speaking of colors, turquoise is not only a perennial favorite color for summer jewelry, but it is also a type of light stone that is often incorporated into necklaces and bracelets. Because of its beauty and its distinct shade, turquoise has been mined and used in jewelry for thousands of years, going back to the Ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Chinese. Today, it is still an incredibly popular and versatile stone for jewelry. Its range of colors resembles shades of the sky, grass, and the ocean, making it an especially appropriate stone for summer jewelry. Both turquoise necklaces and turquoise bracelets are perfect options for the warmer months of the year.

    In addition to beaded jewelry, shoppers can always find an endless number of pendants and charms reminiscent of the summer months. For example, one can find pendants in the shapes of suns, flowers, and even flip-flop sandals. Or, if you simply prefer beautifully designed pendants, they come in countless summery designs and colors. Many are made of turquoise, as well as other light stones and materials.

    Finally, summer is the time of the year when many women like to wear open-toed shoes, sandals, or no footwear at all. For this reason, when searching for summer jewelry gift ideas for yourself or a friend, keep it light and airy. Often less is more when it comes to summer accessories. 

    Now, with those ideas in mind, it's time to begin shopping. The best way to get a sense of the breadth of your options is to browse photographs and descriptions on internet jewelry websites. With summer here, shopping online can save you a lot of time and money when looking for those last minute must have pieces.


    Kennadi Lane


    Obsession: Trendy Summer Dresses that are Simple and Stylish

    Obsession:  Trendy Summer Dresses that are Simple and Stylish

    When it comes to your summer wardrobe, dresses should be a staple!  Summer dresses are so easy!  Its one piece of clothing-how can you go wrong with that!  No worrying about if the shirt matches your shorts, what kind of belt to wear, should you wear a tank top or a summer tee. See!  Those summer dresses are looking more and more appealing, right??

    Want to be super trendy this summer? Rock off the shoulder dresses!  Off the shoulder is on trend and is super flattering as it shows off a part of your body that is often flattering- your collarbone.


    Summer Dress-Kennadi Lane Boutique






    Accessorizing your off the shoulder dress is easy and should be effortless. Tassel necklaces provide the right amount of extra in order to complete your entire look.

    Tie Dye Dress-Kennadi Lane Boutique

    Now-stock up on summer dresses and even bare those shoulders in an off the shoulder summer dress!


    Kennadi Lane


    Off The Shoulder Tops: A Must Have This Summer

    Off The Shoulder Tops: A Must Have This Summer


    We’re calling it now: this is the year of off the shoulder tops!  Off the shoulder tops are one of Summer's must haves!  These tops are making a huge comeback as it is the perfect amount of sweet and feminine. From light and airy weekend styles to sleek and structured, this top is the one to snag for the upcoming Summer season.



    Whether for happy hour with your girls or for date night, you can ditch your everyday outfit and show up in your favorite off the shoulder top. Simple is always best so wear this off the shoulder top and swap the jeans for shorts to meet up for drinks! Want to be a little dressier, pair these tops with skinny jeans and a sexy pair of wedges for a night out.



    How to Wear an Off the Shoulder Top

    Strapless bra: A strapless bra is the way to go with an off the shoulder top!  Invisible strap bras or going without a bra entirely-NO, you want a clean, put together look.  The problem with invisible bras is that the straps are actually visible and that is a distraction from your whole outfit.  Going without well, that's just not a good look!

    Which body types: Off the shoulder tops are super flattering for almost all shapes! Embrace the tops and rock them with confidence. 

    Accessories When Wearing Off the Shoulder Tops

    Accessories: There are many options for accessories when wearing your off the shoulder top! If you choose to wear a longer tassel necklace (as shown below)  keep the earrings simple. Make sure to keep the accessories minimal so they are not a distraction from your gorgeous top!


    TIP: Did you know that some off the shoulder tops can be worn on the shoulder?! Yeah!  If you like the look but don't necessarily want to wear it only one way, you can wear your top on the shoulders instead of off!  Talk about versatile! 

    Have YOU fallen in love with off the shoulder tops?  If not, or you at least willing to try one or two?! :-)  Let us know! Comment below!


    Kennadi Lane Staff


    Kennadi Lane

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